Vampire Coven


To Staff & Members

The Administrators & Moderators reserve the right to enforce and waive these rules, they are subject to change without notice.
If you have an opinion, claim, rule, or anything else to add please contact us about it.

Your continued use of this server and site indicates acceptance of these conditions. Violation of the rules will result in connection kills, nickname or channel suspensions, and possible access bans.

This is not an exhaustive list of things not to do.
Use common sense.


  1. No pornography or malicious software in general.
    • This will result in an automatic ban of the server, we don't want any complications.
    • If you accept something from someone - it's entirely your fault, not ours, so please be careful on what you say, do, accept, and send.

  2. Respect the Staff and they will respect you.
    • If you have to prove them wrong, please don't do it in a way that's rude. If there are any problems with any of the staff, try going to a higher ranking member.

  3. Spying is NOT allowed.
    • We don't want any "wars" going on in the server/channel(s).

  4. Please respect others opinions and state your own in a nice way.
    • If it's going to be rude either keep it to yourself or apologize before saying it so there's no hard feelings.

  5. Don't come in & start being rude, harassing, impersonating, etc.
    • You will have at least two warnings before either being kicked &/or banned.

  6. Please No Caps, Spamming, or Long Posting.
    • Too much text at one time may be harmful to other user's PCs. Be considerate & watch how many things you post at once.
    • If it's very long & to only one person, use the PM system.

  7. Arguments are to be taken to PM.
    • Both parties will be kicked, devoiced, &/or banned if neither of them decide to follow the Mod or Admins directions. After the conflict is resolved, they may be let back in. If arguments continue, & you can not resolve it among yourselves, bring the issue to one of the staff members of the room. If not that, then the server staff. Which is a last resort.

  8. Please no rude or racist jokes, insults, etc.
    • There maybe some things that are funny but please be considerate of others feelings.

  9. Please do not join & part the server or rooms more then once.
    • We don't want any flooding going on, and if it's not your fault then please fix the problem that had caused this.

  10. No clones, personal bots, etc.
    • We may have some clones yet sometimes those maybe from two different people/computers hooked to one router or modem.
    • If you do have a bot, please ask the staff if it is okay to keep it. Make sure to describe what the bot does. ALL BOTS should have the +B mode on.
    • Sometimes the server will only allow you two other connections on one router/modem.

  11. No Stealing of nicks, channels, etc.
    • It more then likely will result in a temporary ban of the server.

  12. No excessive nickname or channel registrations.
    • Please link/group all of your nicknames to one instead of registering them all. If you have nicks that you do not use, please unlink them.
    • Do not register more nicknames or channels only to keep others from using them. If we ask for you to drop any nicks or channels and you fail to comply, they will be dropped by one of the Servers staff members. If you continue to register more, you will be banned from the server.
    • Please no registering nicks that are anything close to things such as: "God, Satan, Pope, Goddess, Cussing Words, Help, Admin, etc." if you do, they will be put on the forbidden list or suspended then you will be silenced.
    • Do not change names to things such as: "give_me_voice" or "frick_off_and_die", etc things like that. You get devoiced for a reason you know.

  13. No selling or trading of nicknames or channels.
    • No one wants to be confused so please make it easy on everyone.

  14. No threatening the staff or users; or to coordinate or plan criminal activity.
    • You more then likely will be banned from server if this is the issue.

Thank you and have a good chatting day!


Created on June 6th of 2009.

Vampire Coven's goal is to bring gamers, role players, intellectuals, comedians, artists, scripters, and much more different varieties of people together in one. To accept more users & build up our community, to make it bigger, better, & safe for everyone including our friends & family.

So help us grow, invite your friends, & enjoy your stay at VC!

Donate to help better our website!
No refunds, all transactions are final.

All donations will show going to Dark_FighterLove, and will help pay for the website's maintence fee.

Thank you for helping us out!


Our services include ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, BotServ, HelpServ, and also gives out free vHosts.

Vampire Coven is a privately-owned and operated Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network founded in 2009. There are no fees whatsoever to use our chat services. Vampire Coven staff donate their expertise, time and equipment to maintain a stable and pleasant chat environment. In exchange, we require that all guests comply with our Acceptable Use Policy.

Vampire Coven iis a conservative, family-oriented network, and we reserve all rights to deny access to anyone without warning or explanation. Because we are family-oriented, we ask that all nicknames, channel names and channel topics be kept Rated-PG 13. Chat client parameters such as Identd and Full Name fields should also be kept appropriate in consideration of other guests. Harassment of others, advertising, cloning, flooding, or willful disruption of any channel is not tolerated and grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the Vampire Coven network.

Vampire Coven has a variety of channels ranging from general open chat, roleplaying groups, support and meeting rooms, software development, to various clubs and associations. We allow some channels, within reason, for sensitive topics and issues. Vampire Coven strictly prohibits any channel, registered or not, for the intent of harassment, illegal trade of licensed software, or trade of pornographic files. We cooperate fully with all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in the investigation of illegal activity.

Vampire Coven has a friendly and helpful staff of IRC Operators available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can assist you in the registration of your nickname, channel or with questions about using Vampire Coven Services. We also intervene when there is a violation of the Vampire Coven Acceptable Use Policy. Vampire Coven leaves the channel administration to the discretion of the channel founder. Vampire Coven does not monitor the content of channels, nor will we become involved in channel disputes. If you are kicked or banned from a channel, we recommend you contact the channel founder. We welcome your questions or comments about our network. You may contact an IRC Operator online in #Help or the Vampire Coven Administration via our contact form. Thanks for visiting Vampire Coven, we look forward to seeing you on the network.

Updated: 1/8/2017