Vampire Coven

Chat Updates

Dec 12th, 2017 - Please check out the new added link for our new Discord Server!

Sept 25th, 2017 - Currently, we have no other chats other than F-list and the Mibbit, which you can find the links under the dropdown box that appears under "Chat"

Chat Commands

These commands are for the mIRC and Mibbit Chats.


/me (action)
/me eats a cookie.

Changing your Nickname

/nick Nickname
/nick Attirance

Registering a Nickname

/nick Nickname
/nick Nickname password email
/nick Shadnire
/nick Shadnire Cookie

This registers your nickname so no one else can use it.
After you are registered, you are all set. However, every time you come back to the chat you have to "identify."
Want to own more then one nickname? Link it. *

Linking Nicknames

/ns NewNickname
/ns link nickname password
/nick Attirance
/ns link Shadnire Cookie

Make sure that when you link your new nickname, change your name first, and then use the link command. Also, make sure that when you use the link command, use the nickname that you registered with where "nickname" is at.


/nick nickname
/ns identify password
/nick Shadnire
/ns identify Cookie

You MUST identify every time you come online or else you can't use your registered nickname(s).

More Help Commands

/nickserv help
/chanserv help
/memoserv help
/hostserv help

Updated: 12/12/2017